Located near Vilnius Nemėžis village was already known in the fourteenth century. Chronicle mentions that in this place stood the castle. Vytautas the Great and his family summer residence. In 1397 Vytautas settled in Nemėžis the Tatars, that served in the Lithuania Grand Duchy army. Vytautas the Great castle stood until the sixteenth century. In the Sixteenth century, the castle land was taken by Sapiega family, the castle ruins disappeared. In 1830 count Benediktas Tiškevčius bought Nemėžis from Sapiega family. In 1836 Mykolas Tiškevičius built a brick two-store classical style palace, soon after was built the other estate buildings and planted in the park. In 1914 the manor was bought by Mykolas Bochovičius, who had owned it till 1943. In fifties Nemėžis Manor complex went to the collective farm "Naujasis gyvenimas" administration, later – to the Ministry of Communications.